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My name is Laura Valentina Vasquez Murillo

I have 16 years, this is something unusual

since they do not usually take pictures in this way

My Family

mama.html papi.html vale.html perro.html

  My family consists of

my mom my dad and I

We are a very close family and we want much

My pet

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this is my pet,

and she called moon is very jugatona,

she likes to play a lot

Me and my pet

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Well this is me with my pet moon

not used to lift it

I usually do not take pictures

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My friends

Tamaño original

these are my friends, with whom,

I go out to eat and a walk.

are very good friends

despite having thoughts deferens

What I like to do

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in my free time I usually

listen to music because of

listen to music because of.

In future

Tamaño original

this is how I look at the future

since I want to study international business

strikes me as tencion

Where I want to study

Tamaño original

this is called the corunversitaria univerdidad

I want to study in this unversidad,

as it is very good

and this the career you want to study.

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